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PHP standalone tool that will help you modifying and debugging Prestashop modules and templates.

Descripción del producto

Malware Scan A.K.A. Prestashop Scanner allows recursively search for keywords in the files of almost any web hosting. In turn, also incorporates the possibility of searching keywords in databases, being able to auto detect the connection to the same for the main CMS (WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop).

In addition to being designed to locate and remove malware, it is also useful for web designers and programmers, allowing you to search for and locate snippets of source code in the exact files they are in. For example, it facilitates the editing of templates, small changes at the programming level, localization of translations

Malware Scan is distributed completely free and the responsibility for its use lies with the person who uses it.

NOTE: this is not a module, it is a useful tool for designers, programmers and agencies that create online shops using Prestashop.


  • user: min
  • password: word

Prestashop Scanner Features

  • Find Keywords

    • Find Keywords in files:

      It will search your keyword in all your web files and folders. It´s useful to locate malicious code if you cannot use Linux grep tool

    • Find Keywords in database:

      It will search your keyword in all your database tables. It´s useful to locate malware code in MySQL database

  • File Scan

    • Normal Scan:

      It will scan for common strings used in web code malware

    • Advanced Scan:

      It will scan for suspicious strings used in web code malware

    • Normal & Advanced Scan:

      It will run normal and advanced scan

  • Database Scan

    • Database Settings:

      It will auto detect your database settings (valid for WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop) or let you enter its values manually

    • Javascript Scan:

      It will search for javascript code in database

  • External Tools

    • Sucuri:

      It will show Sucuri tool for current domain

    • Google Safebrowsing:

      It will show Google Safebrowsing tool for current domain

    • Spam Queries:

      It will run common Google queries to detect malware in your website

Read Me


    for security reasons, your first steps using this script should be creating a new user and password and rename this file. You can change default user and password editing this file with any text editor and changing its first 3 lines. After this, you should delete your browser cookies.

  • You should be an experienced user

    before removing any code from your site. This tool is made for identifying malware code easily but it´s common to see false positive code that should not be deleted.

  • If you are hosting a lot of sites

    or a huge one, or your server is very slow or limited, you can use this tool in every subfolder to avoid timeouts.



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